Day 11 in India began with a visit to one of the largest data server providers in the country. Prior to our visit I assumed a data servers were just large computers that housed information regarding online activity and facilitated the hosting of websites. I was surprised to learn that the company offered a variety of different services for their clients. They could do everything from creating an intranet within a company to providing firewall protection for sensitive client data on company websites. The general manager Karan Kirpalani explained to us that the incredibly low-cost of labor and the vast number of educated peoples makes India a much cheaper alternative for companies. Karan then brought us around the facility to show us how the actual hardware. We walked into one room that looked like a scene out of mission impossible, a completely white room with the servers sitting in the middle. He then brought us to a room where people are available 24 hours a day for assistance. It didn’t register with me at first, but afterwards I realized that the people at Netmagic are the ones we call from the U.S. when we have a problem with the services provided.

Our second business visit was to Pan India Food Solutions . The company owns a chain of restaurants and the food supplier for their restaurants. We actually had lunch at one of the chain restaurants that the company provided food for. During the business visit, we visited the kitchens where they make half cooked foods where they later send to their restaurants to further be prepared for customers. Pan India Solutions supplies food for their restaurants in various states throughout India. We watched breads, soups, desserts, gelato and several other foods be made in the kitchens. After our business visit we enjoyed ourselves at Professor Gupta’s family’s home for dinner. We were all very thankful for the exquisite meal and the Gupta’s hospitality.